Topic Interoperability
Date & Time 2022/10/15 (Sat.) 09:30-10:40
Place Seminar Room C (F1104)
Chair (TBD)

Time Paper ID Title & Author
09:30-09:40 #26
Title: A Digital Certificate System that Complies with International Standards: Taiwan Digital Covid-19 Certificate
Author: Tzu-Chia Yu, I-Ming Parng, Jing-Sun Yeh, Gang-Wei Cao and Fu-Chung Wang
09:40-09:50 #38
Title: Public-Private Partnerships ─ SDK Connects Value-Added Applications
Author: Wei-Ying Chen, Hsin-I Chuang, Tsung-Hsi Wang and Po-Chang Lee
09:50-10:00 #67
Title: An Efficient Clustering-Based Feature Selection Method for High-Dimensional Large-Scale Datasets
Author: Cheng-Tse Wu, Ta-We Chu and Jyh-Shing Roger Jang
10:00-10:10 #73
Title: The Design of the Next Generation HL7 FHIR Taiwan Cancer Registry
Author: Li-Chun Kuo, Tzu-Yun Ting, Yu-Ting Wu, Yuan-Chia Chu, Chen-Tsung Kuo and Chung-Yueh Lien
10:00-10:20 #74
Title: Profiling the HL7 FHIR Interoperability Model of the Structured Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Pathology Report
Author: Tzu-Yun Ting, Li-Chun Kuo, Pau-Choo Chung, Yuan-Chia Chu, Chen-Tsung Kuo and Chung-Yueh Lien