Topic Health Application (Ⅱ)
Date & Time 2022/10/14 (Fri.) 16:40-17:40
Place Seminar Room C (F1104)
Chair (TBD)

Time Paper ID Title & Author
16:40-16:50 #9
Title: A regulatory framework for artificial intelligence technology considering international geopolitical relations
Author: Yu-Zhen Lu, Yen-Hung Chen, Shu-Fang Chang, Pi-Tzong Jan and Chih-Wen Huang
16:50-17:00 #19
Title: Exploring Telemedicine Usage Intention Using Technology Acceptance Model and Social Capital Theory
Author: Yu Hua Yan
17:00-17:10 #42
Title: Improving epidemic control system for Hospital's Capacity During COVID-19 Pandemic within a Medical Centre in Taiwan
Author: Shu Tzu Huang, Hui-Chi Lin, Yee-Chun Chen, Lu-Cheng Kuo, Rung-Ji Shang, Cheng-Fu Chou and Hsin-His Chen
17:10-17:20 #57
Title: Silent hypoxia management application based on 5G & AIoMT
Author: Yen-Liang Lee, Yen-Chieh Wang, Ming-Syue Tsai, Guo-En Huang and Albert C. Yang
17:20-17:30 #62
Title: Online Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Initiation for Lymphedema – A Case Study
Author: Anandhi Ramachandran, Shashi Gogia and Arun Rekha Gogia
17:30-17:40 #83
Title: Network Anomaly Detection Based on NetFlow Time Series Data in a Healthcare Network Environment
Author: Heng-Shuen Chen, Edgar Hsieh and Quincy Wu