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Build-up Next Generation of Data&AI-driven Smart Hospital
Abstract Of Speech

After COVID-19, we’ve seen tremendous requirements for Digital Healthcare Transformation in the world, and it is happening now. A lot of IT companies and hospitals are trying to use IoT-based wearable devices, cognitive situation awareness, digital twins, mixed reality, 5G Network, cloud platform, and AI related technologies to improve health team productivity, patient experience, end-to-end operation efficiency and so on. Although these technologies each offer highly potential for value creation within healthcare system, when these capabilities come together to enable vertical or horizontal integration, that the ultimate collaboration across different departments and people will achieve true value co-creation in the extended healthcare ecosystem.

Therefore, we realize that hospitals need trusted and integrated capabilities or platforms that makes it easier for hospitals to create personalized patient services, gives health team connected and collaboration tools, and adopts data global standards that are important to healthcare ecosystem. Hospitals can use almost no-code and low-code AI that combines multiples sources to gain full visibility on data insight, relieve administrative burden, and improve daily process and workflow automation to create actionable insight that delivers better care service in faster way and at a lower cost.

To summarize the challenges that most hospitals have and to build up next-gen of innovative hospitals, we come out four main pillars below that support hospitals to move forward:

Enhancing Patient Experience: by enabling patient data to flow securely across the care continuum, creating individualized patient experiences, and delivering virtual health tools to facilitate communication between clinicians and their patients.

Empowering Health Team Collaboration: by making it faster and easier to coordinate care, collaborate on shared and unified view of patient, and continually monitor patient across remote locations.

Improving Clinical and Operational Insight: by uniting data silos and applying advanced analytics and AI to reveal actionable insights to make better, smarter, clinical and operational decisions. You can even trigger automated workflows based on patient or staff actions and predictive analysis.

Protecting Health Information: by adopting global hybrid cloud platform to lower down the barrier for data compliance, security and privacy, to accelerate holistic smart healthcare transformation.

Invited Speaker
Name : James Liu

Current Position :
Healthcare Account Executive

Affiliation : Microsoft Taiwan

e-mail : jamesch.liu@microsoft.com

James Liu is Account Executive of Healthcare of Microsoft Public Sector in Taiwan, and is currently responsible for expanding Microsoft’s business to healthcare industry in Taiwan, including Ministry of Health and Welfare and its affiliated institutions and hospitals, municipal hospitals and Medical Affairs Bureau, MND and Veterans General Hospitals, affiliated hospitals of school, and private hospitals.

James commits to build-up a patient/citizen-oriented intelligent medical and public health platform, focusing on providing better medical and public health service experience, big data analysis insights, more practical AI application services, and holistic Microsoft information security protection. Representative clients include Taipei/Taichung Veterans General Hospitals, National Taiwan University Hospital, China Medical University Hospital, Taoyuan General Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital and more.


National Taiwan University, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

National Chengchi University, Economics

Work Experience

Account Executive at Microsoft

Business Planning Analyst at Advantech (CEO Office)

Senior Business Consultant at EY

Senior Business Consultant at Deloitte

Areas Of Expertise

Healthcare Digital Transformation

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Data&AI Platform Strategy Articulation, Design, and Implementation

RPA Process Automation and Mobile Application Implementation

IT/OT Security Planning and Implementation

General Business Strategy Consulting

David Liu
Current Positions

Vice President of Medical Informatics, Show Chwan Health Care System

Chairman of Healthcare Informatics and Management Committee, Taiwan Hospital Association

Appraiser Team, National Biotechnology and Medical Industry Promotion Association-National Biotechnology and Medical Quality Award(SNQ) Evaluation Committee

Director, Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics

Associate Professor, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences


PI of TeleCare Project Management Office, MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

Vice Superintendent, China Medical University Hospital Taipei Branch

Chief of Information Officer, YongLin Healthcare Foundation

Vice Superintendent of Medical Informatics, Taipei Medical University Hospital