Poster Presentation (Day 2)
Date 2022/10/15 (Sat.)
Time Posted Time: 10:00-17:00
Author Provides Q&A: 10:00-12:00
Place Seminar Room C (F1104)

No Paper ID Title Authors
1 #11 Use of GE Discovery RT Computer Tomography Simulation Locator to Perform the Results of MAR Technology Shu-Han Yang, Jun-Yan Wang, Zheng-Fu Li, Cheng-Han Jiang, Yi-Zi Chen, Pei-Ying Xie, Chih-Jen Huang
2 #13 Machine learning approaches to Establish an Association Model among Admission nursing record, discharge outcome, and the Guidance of Nursing decision making Pinwei Huang, Tso Ying Lee, Shu-Tai Hsiao, Min-Huey Chung, Cheng-Hsien Mao and Pei-Hung Liao
3 #18 Acceptance of Monitoring Technology among Community-dwelling Middle-aged and Older Adults in Japan Sakiko Itoh, Tomoko Ikeuchi, Hiroyasu Miwa, Kentaro Watanabe, Vivien Xi Wu, Kana Kodama, Toshihiro Takeda, Tomoko Wakui
4 #21 Improved Performance of Low-cost Air Quality Sensors for Healthcare Applications by Support Vector Regression Yu Wang, Zhi-Yu Chen, Wei-Sheng Zeng and Liang-Sian Lin
5 #23 Increased prevalence of eczema but decreased prevalence of skin fungal infections in inpatients from a psychiatric hospital than those from a community hospital at similar latitude Han Chi Tseng, Chih Hong Lee and Chia Ying Wu
6 #35 Open Source Based Mini-PACS for Occupational Health Exam Tso-Chun Yeh, You-Xiang Lin, Shih-Tsang Tang, Jen-Shyang Chen and Jun-Sen Hsu
7 #41 Design of a Social Media Mobile Learning of Pediatric Caring for Nursing Students Sophie Huey-Ming Guo and Hsuan-Ming Yang
8 #50 A Corpus-based Analysis of Depression Metaphors in Social Media Posts Jia-Wen Guo, Diane Chapman and Echo Warner
9 #52 Develop Lab Management Information System - iLab System Cheng-Tai Yu, Chieh Guo, Yu-Yun Wei, Tai-Fen Lee, Hui-Min Lu, Shu-Tzu Huang, Rung-Ji Shang, Cheng-Fu Chou, Hsin-His Chen
10 #53 Developing a cost-effectiveness model of digital therapeutics for smoking cessation Sung Goo Yoo, Ji Won Chun and In Young Choi
11 #58 Five tips for management in response to the epidemic Yi-Ling Chen
12 #66 An Integrated Service Model of Telemedicine and Home Health Care: the Dulan 5G Hybrid Model Sang-Ru Yu, Lin-Hua Tseng, , Konga Zeng,, Min-Ping Huang, Hsueh-Pei Wang, Chao A Hsiung, Hung-Yi Chiou, Yen-Liang Lee, Hung-Bin Tsai
13 #78 Framework of Intellectual Properties Pledge on Blockchain in Health Care Huan Wei Liang
14 #88 Early warning system works up truths: Making predictive algorithms doable in healthcare under the challenge of fighting Covid19 Hou-Chaung Chen, Yung-Nien Hsu, Jue-Yi Lin, Chih-Tsai Hsieh, Siou-Siou Lin and Selina Lien
15 #90 Survey of Perceived Electronic Health Record Usability among the Clinicians at Out Patient Department in a Selected Multi-Specialty Hospital, India Kavitha Karthik, Sundarakumar Sundarajan, Biju Velayudhan, Sivashankar, and Saravanakumar
16 #91 Evaluation of Knowledge and Attitude towards Adoption of Computer and Informatics Technology among Registered and Student Nurses in Tamil Nadu Kavitha Karthik
17 #93 E-Governance via innovative tech applications in fighting COVID-19. Hou-Chaung Chen, Yung-Nien Hsu, Chih-Tsai Hsieh, Yi-Jun Lin, Ming-Zhang Xie and Selina Lien