Registration Information

For registration, please click the link to enter the registration form, and pay attention to the following special matters:

1. Registration is requred for all participate. (Online participants will not receive a certificate of attendance.)
2. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this conference accepts foreign nationals who cannot arrive in Taiwan to participate in the physical conference to publish online (Taiwan local scholars only accept physical presentations).
3. Presenters who do not meet the eligibility for online publication will be regarded as ineligible if they choose to publish online.
4. Registration fees paid in USD will follow the currency rate of 1 USD equivalent to 30 NTD.
5.Accepted contributors who complete the registration and payment before 9/10 will still have the early bird registration discount.

Registered category Early-Bird
Before 31 Aug.
01-Sep. - 10-Oct.
(Please click hyperlink from below table to online payment page.)
Member USD 100 USD 150
Student USD 30 USD 50
Non-member USD 200 USD 300
PS. Member including APAMI (Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong), TAMI, NTUNHS, TVGH, AeHIN, HL7, IHE, MISAT, TEHA, TNIA.