Poster Presentation (Day 1)
Date 2022/10/14 (Fri.)
Time Posted Time: 10:00-17:00
Author Provides Q&A: 14:00-16:00
Place Seminar Room C (F1104)

No Paper ID Title Authors
1 #12 Influencing factors for nurses to practice telenursing Tso Ying Lee
2 #15 Large-scale calculation and evaluation of cardiac calcium score with an AI-based model applied to the nationwide CT database in Taiwan Po-Chang Lee, Wen-Jeng Lee, Ming-Hsiu Lu, Yu-Cheng Huang, Wei-Chung Wang, Yi-Hui Song, Feng-Yu Kao, Tzung-Dau Wang
3 #25 Application of NHI MediCloud System-sharing medical information in decision-making Hui-Chun Chen, Yu-Fen Lin, Hao-Hsuan Kao, Hsiao-Feng Ho, Hsing-Pei Kao, Yu-Wen Huang and Po-Chang Lee
4 #30 Identify Standard Data Elements in Social Determinants of Health for Emergency Departments Ching-Yu Wang, Laura Heermann Langford, James McClay and Jia-Wen Guo
5 #34 Development and Establishment of eHealth Platform for Phthalates Health Literacy Tzu-Chi Hsu and Ya-Ling Shih
6 #36 FHIR-based Data Interoperability for Occupational Health Exam Chia-Chi Lee, Tsung-Han Yang, Shih-Tsang Tang, Jiun-Hung Lin, Mei-Na Huang and Kay Huang
7 #44 Building a Medical Quality Index System through the Cloud Keng-Jen Hou, Bo-Zhi Yang, Han-Cheng Chang and Pao-Ta Yu
8 #49 Machine Learning for Parkinson’s Disease Prediction Using Acoustic Features Analysis Ching-Miin Duh and Hsuan-Ming Yang
9 #51 A patient-centered DIP model in Healthcare that expands the solution scope for the underserved population in Taiwan Tsuen-Chiuan Tsai, Yi-Chang Tsai, Hsiu-I Yang, Huan-Cheng Chang and Brian Pin-Hsuan Chang
10 #59 The Prediction Factors of Severe Hypoglycemia Readmission in Type 2 Diabetes Lin-Pei Hung, Bo-Zhi Yang and Han-Cheng Chang
11 #60 Efficacy of 830 nm laser radiated on the Jing-Well acupoints Yi-Lin Hsieh, Bo-Kai Huang, Yi-Tung Huang, Yu-Chen Shih, Chun-Ting Li, Kai-Hsiang Chou, Chuan-Tsung Su and Jih-Huah Wu
12 #64 The Effects of Building Visitor Informatic Management Systems for COVID-19 Ming-Chun Wu, Pao-Chin Lai and Pei-Hung Liao
13 #65 A Research of Blockchain-based Electrical Health Records using Non-Fungible Token in Healthcare Hsao Lun Huang and Der-Ming Liou
14 #82 Exploring Current State of Open Data for Health in Indonesia: A Qualitative Formative Study Bagas Suryo Bintoro, Zakiya Ammalia Farahdilla and Lutfan Lazuardi
15 #85 Telecare though volunteering as a viable model for community mobilization: Insights from during, post covid implementations Anandhi Ramachandran, Radhika Adholeya, Shashi Gogia and Arun Rekha
16 #86 Online Virtual patient-PBL engaging medical students to learn from patients during the Pandemic Tsuen-Chiuan Tsai, Kung-Kai Kuo, Feng-Cheng Liu and Shu-Ching Yeh
17 #92 Research on the application of keyword indexing mechanism to build nursing records in series with nursing health education e-books Angelica T.H. Hao, Chung-Yang Chen, H. C. Weng, Y.P. Chen, Y. J. Zheng, W.R. Liu and Y.C. Lee
18 #94 Design and Implementation of the Patient-Reported Outcomes System for Rheumatoid Arthritis Hung-Hsin Wang, Chung-Yueh Lien, Hui-Lin Hsiao, Yu-Xun Zhan, Chien-Chih Lai, Wun-Rong Chen and Hsin-Yi Chen.