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Practical Sharing of Building the Smart Data Platform for Healthcare Industry
Abstract Of Speech

Healthcare Industry Trends

Do you know that there are more than 700 million people are aged 65+ in the world today –approximately 9% of the entire global population. That leads the trend that we are facing with today’s health situation: more people are living with chronic conditions. Globally, approximately one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions (MCCs), and that is indicating work overloads for clinician. As you can see, data will continue to grow in parallel with the chronic disease growth around the world.

Chronic disease management and treatment is imaging-intensive, driving the need for storage in healthcare. Medical imaging used in chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease includes CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, angiograms, and others. As chronic disease and our ability to handle these diseases increase, so does the data to support patient care. In addition, continuous monitoring and activity also generates data that help the clinicians measure progression. With new data types and the changes in healthcare that COVID-19 has brought, healthcare organizations are quickly moving into a new phase where they need to manage the short term spikes in activity with continuous patient care.

Healthcare Industry Major Challenges

Digital data size largely increases

Massive data quantity rapidly growth

Data silo, hard to consolidate

Limited access to all data and utilize to create further value

Dell Technologies Smart Healthcare Data Platform

Simplicity at Any Scale

The core strength is a future-proof design that allows new nodes to merge into existing clusters in 60 seconds online, easily take care of the large and rapid growing data.

Any data. Anywhere

To handle any data, we offer flexible file and object access and support for 8 protocols including S3 access for cloud-native development.

Software-defined approach allows us to run OneFS in more places from the datacenter to the cloud and now we support smaller customers and edge locations in a way we’ve never been able to do before.

Simple but Powerful AI

Scale-out + Multi-protocol data lake brings flexibility on a single platform, which enable In-place Analytics on Consolidated Data, Flexibility to support several workloads simultaneously, and bring in new Apps and Retire Old Apps without altering data.

Enterprise Cyber Protection Ready

Highest number of cyber-attacks happen to be against healthcare data. We offer intelligent ransomware defender for pro-actively real-time monitoring and identifying/blocking suspicious access, plus fast recover solution that well protects important intelligent healthcare data asset.

Intelligent Insights

Discovering, understanding, and acting on the data you have is also important, which enables another insight to know more about your data.

Invited Speaker
Name : Felix Hsu

Current Position :
Technical consultant, Unstructured data Solutions

Affiliation : Dell Technologies

e-mail : Felix_Hsu@Dell.com

Felix Hsu is a system engineer with more than 8 years of experience in data storage system and application architecture design.

At Dell Technologies, Felix specializes in unstructured data solutions and has assisted large enterprises / institutions with successful modern IT transformation in semiconductor, IC design, health care, banking, telecommunication and more.

With his experience in technical support, project management and presales in fields like data lake, software define, object storage, storage array, cybersecurity, AI/big data and more, he is customer’s well trusted advisor.


Master of Business Administration - IT

Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Meinders School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor: Computer Information System

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Ogden College of Engineering & Science

Work Experience

Dell Technologies, Taipei, Taiwan (Mar. 2020 – Present)

System Engineer

• Specialize in unstructured data solutions and its leading PowerScale/Isilon, ECS, and ObjectScale enterprise scale-out NAS/Object storages.

• Work with local presales and partners to delive product introduction, solution training, demo, proof of concept, sizing and proposal to customers.

• Designed and deployed modern IT transformation solutions for verticals in but not limited to EDA, FSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and M&E.

Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications, New Taipei City, Taiwan (Jan. 2019 – Mar. 2020)

US Regional Customer Service Manager

• Manage US regional call center / FAE across US, MX, PH, and TW region

• Provide technical advise to solve product issues

• Recommend changes to product or service to improve quality

• Evaluate staff status, KPI performance, increase, promotion to ensure work force.

Infortrend Technology Inc., New Taipei City, Taiwan (Feb. 2013 — Dec. 2018)


• Work closely with sales to develop new NAS / SAN storage business and customer

• Perform product, solution, or technical training to partners

• Analysis request, compare competitor, select suitable product, POC, and compose successful / failure case studies

• Update solution and training material to deliver the latest suitable information

Project Manager - ODM

• Define ODM business model and software feature / private labeling customization

• Manage to fulfill requests starting from defining scope, monitoring DVT, EVT, factory pilot run, and production status

• Control schedule to complete project tasks on time and deliver the result

• Review test plan and issue solving status to ensure the fix quality

• Responsible for company’s largest account and generated 18 million USD revenue within a year

Principal Technical Support Engineer

• In charge of L1 and L2 consumer NAS, enterprise DAS, SAN, and server product technical supporting issues.

• Read and interpret error logs (storage, switch, OS, VMWare) to isolate and debug failure.

• Use lab hardware to reproduce failure, then diagnosis and analysis the error. Also work with development team for action plan.

• Communicate with branch office, SI/Partner, and client to deliver technical information.

• Maintain average 4+ out of 5 customer satisfaction rate

• Also responsible for Knowledge Management and Service Readiness Project Owner

Power Imaging Supply, Inc., California, USA (Aug. 2009 — Aug. 2011)

E-Commerce Specialist

• Online stores: design, update, and maintain company online consumer product stores company website, eBay, Price Grabber, and Amazon stores

• Customer support: help customer with ordering, shipping, FAQ, troubleshooting, and RMA issues online or by phone

• Email marketing: design and distribute new arrival and on sale item email flyers

• Marketing strategy: positioning and offer promotions

Areas Of Expertise

data lake, software define, object storage, storage array, cybersecurity, AI/big data

Yuan-Chia Chu
Current Positions

Department of Information, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Senior Software Engineer, 2018/10-present


Department of Information Management, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Assistant Professor, 2021/2-now

AI Center, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Information Senior Engineer, 2021/8-present

Big Data Center, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Principal Investigator (PI), 2019/1-present

Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Reviewer, 2018/10-present

Department of Information, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Senior Software Engineer, 2018/10-present

Department of Information, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Software Engineer, 2008/9-2018/10

Aging Reviewer, 2019/8-present