Speech Introduce
LLM in healthcare and applications
Abstract Of Speech

Recent advancements in deep learning, especially the Transformer architectures, have emerged as the current state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP). The generalizability and few-shot capabilities of large language models (LLM) base on Transformer architecture like GPT-3 have opened up new possibilities for countless innovative apps across various industries, including healthcare. LLMs demonstrate an impressive context and language understanding that enables them to solve problems that were previously intractable with deep learning. And more importantly, the learning context and target is not limited to human understandable language. In this talk, we will share how healthcare industry leverage LLM to solve various domain context and problems, such as electronic healthcare record (EHR), protein structure and also the tools/SDKs that Nvidia develop and provide to the field helping industry accelerate LLM model development.

Invited Speaker
Name : Andrew Liu

Current Position :
Senior Data Scientist

Affiliation : Nvidia

e-mail : andrliu@nvidia.com

Ph.D., Institute of Information Management, NCKU

Master, Institute of Information Management, NCKU

Bachelor, Industrial and Information Management, NCKU

Work Experience

Nvidia – Senior Solution Architect

Foxconn – Machine Learning Engineer

Areas Of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Parallel Computing, Compute Optimization

Smart Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing

Chi-Ming Chu
Current Positions

Professor, National Defense Medical Center


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor, National Defense Medical College